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by Robin.Rowe@MovieEditor.com Oct 1, 2005


Thank you for wishing to contribute and be part of the CinePaint project. Here's our standard procedure for new developers.

  1. You volunteer by emailing me
  2. You send me a resume or description of your skills
  3. You give me an idea of what you'd like to do: what sort of tasks, what platform, what you'd like to accomplish by joining us, and how much time you can give
  4. We decide together on a task for you and timeline


  5. You introduce yourself on our developers list to let everyone know what you're doing


  6. You build existing code
  7. You write some docs for our Wiki


  8. You start creating new stuff
  9. You report progress on the list and participate there with the team
  10. You send me a photo and I add you to our web page as an active developer

Some CinePaint contributors prefer to work entirely independently and only submit their code when completed. If you're a lone wolf developer please let me know that and what type of feature you're working on so that I can accommodate you as best we can. Note that lone wolf contributors often toil in vain - not because we won't accept their code - but because they never finish it and don't send us what they've got. Team players, because they share work-in-progress code, are more successful at creating a foundation that other team members can build upon.

With dozens of developers to work with I can't give much time to people who aren't team players or who don't follow through. Private emails to me need to be kept to a minimum because I don't have the bandwidth to summarize to the list what each team member is doing.