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by Robin.Rowe@MovieEditor.com 8/31/04

In KDE preferences when you change styles it doesn't effect GTK apps such as CinePaint. You still see the ugly Geramik GTK button style. Here's how to change that on a Debian-based distro (MediainLinux). The approach for an rpm-based distro should be similar except for using urpmi instead of apt-get.

# apt-get install gtk-theme-switch

# apt-get install gnome-themes

# mv /etc/gtk /etc/gtk.orig

$ mv ~/.cinepaint/gtkrc ~/.cinepaint/gtkrc.orig

$ mv ~/.kde/share/config/gtkrc ~/.kde/share/config/gtkrc.orig

$ gtk-theme-switch

Picking Smokey-Blue is a good choice. To change the appearance of GIMP or other GTK2 apps run gtk-theme-switch2.