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by Glasgow Team 05/31/2005

This list forms a top level TODO list for majour tasks still required within CinePaint glasgow. It is by no means a complete and exhaustive list, please feel free to add itsma as required.

Drop a message to the Cinepaint-developers mailing list if you are interested in lending a hand.

Some items are marked "Partial", or "In-Progress", these items have been started and are various states of completeness. To avoid any potential duplication of effort, please drop us a message before starting any work on these items.

Please also take a look at the GlasgowRoadmap for a higher level plan for the future of CinePaint glasgow

'CinePaint Core'

GlasgowSpreadsheet / CPDAG

GlasgowFrameManager (flip book)

User Interface


Tool Plugins

Image Operation Plugins

Image I/O Plugins

Standard Plugins