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by Robin Rowe 11/8/05 (for Uwe Schrecker)

The translations mostly exist already and in many languages because of the GIMP translations. It should be feasible to put together a good dictionary with some mild perl programming. Would like it in a format like this :


   Phrase in English|Phrase in German

Do you know any perl?

With GIMP based in Germany, its German translation should be flawless. Can you research the status of German translation of GIMP?

We're using FLTK 1.x which does not provide localization except through an unsupported variant. FLTK 2 has localization but is too unstable to be adopted soon. Can you research the FLTK variant that supports localization? Will you create a clean patch from it (presumably against an earlier FLTK version it branched from rather than the latest 1.x we have) so we can apply it to our variant of FLTK 1.x that's in CinePaint CVS?