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by Robin Rowe (for Brian Redfern) 11/5/09

Glasgow will have audio recording, playback and editing capabilities.

The goal with audio is to have an outboard tool that works nicely with our other tools. Everything needs to sync to audio for playback, which means the audio timecode in whatever tool we adopt must be modified to be in shared memory that all our tools can read to sync with.

There's an inclination to base our audio tool on sweep because that tool reportedly has the best scrub audio feature and has had its work sponsored by Pixar. We try to use tools from our own industry. FLTK was developed by a studio. What to do about audio GUI is a concern because none of the audio editors seem to support FLTK. We don't want to include any GUI tools in the Glasgow suite that aren't FLTK because support is too hard. We prefer tools that are stable, small, fast, portable, and BSD licensed. Using sweep may be a problem because it's unix only. Another interesting candidate is Ardour.



... -- Thu, 10 Nov 2005 00:22:00 -0800 reply

checking out csound api -- Thu, 10 Nov 2005 00:28:12 -0800 reply
Csound doesn't enable editing, but it does have fltk based display for audio, so there's a bit of code to check out there.

Sweep is one of the best editors, but its not based on fltk. That's not because it can't handle it, its just that coders seem to have a preference for gtk or wxwindows for most audio apps.

But fltk works really well with csound, I just need to take things that extra step.

I'll need to create a custom fltk widget that allows a person to edit the wave table data.

Audacity has some nice code for handling cross platform audio plugins, so I may want to eventually borrow some code there for handling audio processing.

But the short term goal is to be able to record, edit, and open/save audio data, in at least wave and aiff, at first I'll likely use libsndfile to get the openin and editing and saving working first.

-- Brian Redfern

interesting fltk audio editor -- apcstudio -- Sat, 26 Nov 2005 20:05:14 -0800 reply
I found an interesting inclusion candidate, apcstudio its a working audio editor done with fltk/c++, works under linux. They started a windows port and then no more work was put in after 2002.

But its gpl, so we could pick it up and put some more work into it, because I'd like the audio editor to record/playback under windows/osx/linux and also support native plugins, as with audacity where you can use ladspa under linux and vst under mac/windows.