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To compile CinePaint on the gentoo distribution, the first need is a required package named OpenEXR for the newer versions of CinePaint (e.g CinePaint-0.21). So lets emerge OpenEXR first

emerge media-libs/openexr

Afther that you should be able to compile CinePaint without any trouble.
:!: Before emerging you might want to put some supports of the USE flags in your /etc/make.conf

- png (Global: Adds support for libpng (PNG images)

- zlib (Global: Adds support for zlib (de)compression)

Afther that you should just emerge CinePaint:

emerge media-video/cinepaint

Afther that you safly can run CinePaint as user to run the application.


When getting the following error:

checking for OpenEXR/half.h...no configure: error: * openexr dev header half.h not found *

This means there was a problem compiling openEXR or it just is not compiled. To avoid this problem, you could try various ebuilds or just re-emerging the package can solve the problem.

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Sine this is Gentoo... -- Mon, 17 Jul 2006 19:08:58 -0700 reply
OpenEXR is listed as a DEPEND in the ebuild. It is therefore obsolete to explcitly emerge it. Emerging cinepaint will pull it in automatically. If there's an error during configure with OpenEXR, this likely means Cinepaint depends on a specific OpenEXR version and that should be reflected in the ebuild. Furthermore, Zlib and PNG support are optional, so there is no need to emerge those if one doesn't want to and a better advice would be to do an echo "media-video/cinepaint png zlib" >> /etc/portage/package.use