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DCraw camera RAW decoding in CinePaint

DCraw is a very advanced digital camera RAW decoding program. The author Dave Coffin wrote this excellent little command line tool in highly portable C. So it was easily adopted by many small and big grafics softwarehouses.

CinePaint uses a adapted Gimp plug-in, called rawphoto, which let you select a supported RAW image popups a small dialog and opens the image in 16-bit format. As of version 7.00 dcraw gives a good default correction. The standard colour correction tools like curves and levels help you in further tweaking the pictures.

Rawphoto screenshot:

version as of CinePaint 0.20-0

If you'd like an other interface with a nice preview, you may checkout the UFRaw CVS and can install before its official 0.12 release. As CinePaint (since 0.22-0) finds a ufraw-cinepaint in its plug-in path, the distributed rawphoto plug-in is automatically disabled.


To change the DCraw version used for the rawphoto plug-in, you must install the dcraw executable into /usr/local/lib/cinepaint/0.22-1/extra/ . Possibly you need to adapt to your path and version.

As of Dave Coffin's DCraw version 7.81, Sinar's CaptureShop sti images are very nicely decoded. And there are many other high end cameras and consumer cameras supported by DCraw.

Several curves are included in the CinePaint distribution, which can be selected as proven corrections in the curves tool.

Example curve from the collection:

image and customisation for CinePaint by Frank Peters

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