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Hi. Still working on GTK1Win debugging (5,000+ faults to go!) and getting 0.18 imported into CVS. The first task with import is to run cvstext (a new tool that Fabio made) on the code so that history tags get embedded in all the source files. Planning to do CVS first. At this rate we won't see 0.19 before next week. I am extra busy this week with writing some articles.

New developer Mike Dalessio touched off a related project to create a new C++ GUI toolkit called OnGui that is intended to play nice with GTK without depending upon GTK. This is a potential future CinePaint GUI API, but very much at the design stage. Don't expect anything too soon. Ben Sego has handed off RBF plugin development to new developer Mark Bruda. Amit Dor, Keith Mendoza and Mercin Brodziak are more new developers.