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by Kai-Uwe Behrmann and Robin Rowe 11/9/05

CinePaint version 0.20 is a major release of the popular motion picture deep colour paint and retouching program.

This release is the latest Film Gimp (GTK) version of CinePaint. CinePaint developers continue to maintain this legacy architecture until the future Glasgow architecture is complete (in 2006). For info on Glasgow:


Version 0.20 Changes


Softproofing is introduced. This includes setting of a proofing profile and a switch to mark out of gamut colours.

A image described by profile A (image profile) can be viewed as where seen or printed on a device described by profile B (proofing profile). The proofing profile can be selected below the image profile in the image menu. The toogle button for switching softproofing on and off, called Proof Display, is in the view menu. Speed is slow. But one could at least paint not colour correct.

The proofing profile is used by the print plug-in as printer profile.

Additional a gamut check can be switched on and off. The toggle botton, called Gamut Check Display, resides below the softproofing button. Gamutchecking marks out of proof gamut colour gray. Speed is very slow. Only for checking useful.

Both proofing and gamut checking are visual only checks. They dont affect the image data.

A by default assigned proofing profile can be selected in the preferences.

GutenPrint CMS Printing

The Gutenprint plug-in uses the proofing profile as default separation target.

Colour Handling


HighDynamicRange (HDR) changes.

New Plug-ins


Frank Peters provided a collection of curves from the internet. Although these curves were originally intended for use with Nikon cameras, they should be of general interesst to correct images from many digital sources.

BSD fixes, suggested by Mika Nystrom and partitial with bug 1164686 by Roland Illig where checked and merged in by Kai-Uwe Behrmann


ICC Examin isn't in the 0.20 package because of some dependencies. It was as well late for integrating it into the autotools build system. Will be included in a future version.

The "ICC Examin" application is downloadable from


ICC Examin itself now shows the pixels now coloured and adjusts the point size to the amount of pixels.

The new ICC Watch plug-in allowes viewing image colours in the actual threedimensional CIE*Lab colour space. The Image and Proofing gamut can be included.

The CinePaint plug-in allows now two resolutions. Calling ->Filters->ICC->Watch the icc_examin plug-in transfers around 900 pixels to ICC Examin (as a colour list). Calling the new Watch2 it will write around 10000 colours.

CinePaint source package


Release Notes


O.20-1 Release Notes

In tests 0.20-1 seems to become very stable. Tested on Mandrake 10.2, SuSE 9.2, Solaris 64-bit, [BSD] and osX 10.3.

Bug Fixes

Notes about the last minor release 0.19-1

New Plug-ins