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Release Name: CinePaint-0.20-0


The CinePaint version 0.20-0 is a major release.
Overall stability has improved. User interface is more clear regarding colourmanaging. Softproofing is introduced. The gutenprint plug-in uses the proofing profile as default separation target.
OpenEXR <-> ICC colour space information conversation
The expose item is moved from <imagemenu>−>Color−>Expose Image to <imagemenu>−>View−>Expose. It is now a per window setting and only available for 32-bit floats.
Many bugs where fixed.
As of Dave Coffin's dcraw version 7.81, Sinar's CaptureShop sti images are very nicely decoded. Thanks. DCraw must be installed separately.

Some plug-ins where added to the release:
statistic filter: minimum and median by Nicola Montecchiari
bracketing merge - HDR creation: by Hartmut Sbosny

Thanks to the patches contributors.


  • 1213869 autoconf update to xwd plugin liquidphoto
  • 1275118 building plug-ins outside source tree liquidphoto
  • 1239773 Statistical Median and Minimum filters nmontec
  • As well Frank Peters provided a collection of curves from the internet. Although these curves were originally intended for use with Nikon cameras, they should be applicable to the images from any digital source.


    HOLD - integrate gimpparasite branch


    at the sourceforge download site