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by Chris Little 9/16/05

Building Glasgow under SUSE Linux Professional 9.3

The fltk libraries that ship with SLP 9.3 are built without thread support, which Glasgow requires.

First install the fltk source from the SLP installation media:

rpm --install fltk-1.1.6-3.src.rpm

Edit the configure portion of /usr/src/packages/SPECS/fltk.spec and add "--enable-threads" :

./configure CFLAGS="$RPM_OPT_FLAGS" \ CXXFLAGS="$RPM_OPT_FLAGS" \ --prefix=/usr/X11R6 \ --bindir=/usr/X11R6/bin \ --libdir=/usr/X11R6/%{_lib} \ --includedir=/usr/X11R6/include \ --enable-threads \ --enable-shared

Use rpmbuild to patch/compile/install fltk. rpmbuild -bi fltk.spec

For some reason, the "-bi" option to rpmbuild did not completely install fltk. This may be my inexperience with rpmbuild. I executed "make install" in /usr/src/packages/BUILD/fltk-1.1.6. I was then able to begin the build for Glasgow.

cd /home/u51847/hdb1/glasgow ./configure;make;make install